Finishing Equipment June 2021 Highlights

Finishing Equipment at HGR

Working for a company or business that makes and sells metal products, means you
may highly benefit from a piece of Finishing Equipment. Finishing Machines are used to surface
finish the exterior of a metal product. If your metal product needs to be brightened, cleaned,
deburred, or descaled, then HGR Industrial Surplus can surely help with that. Here on HGR’s
website, there are more than 60 different Finishing Machines to choose from.

The first machine that will be highlighted and explained in this blog will be the Pangborn
GN Rotoblast machine. This specific machine is designed to thoroughly clean all types of
forgings, stampings, weldments, and castings. This machine can finish small – to – medium –
sized castings and is ideal for deburring and descaling. The best part about this Pangborn
machine is that it offers a variety of barrel sizes. That means, whatever piece you need blasted,
you can customize your barrel to suit your needs. If you are interested in this Finishing Pangborn
machine, or ones like it, the link below will take you right to it!

The second machine that is going to be highlighted from HGR Industrial Surplus is the Cyclone Blast Cabinet. This machine has been made to be easily accessible for the user. This cabinet can handle many abrasives like glass beads, silicon carbide, blasting garnet, and white or brown aluminum oxide. The cabinet is produced from steel, which ensures that it is strong enough to handle different abrasives. Along with having a very powerful blast system, this machine comes at a discounted price. All of the products that HGR sells are used, so you are able to purchase them at a way better discount! If you are interested in looking at this second Finishing Machine, then click the link below!

The final Finishing Product that I will be highlighting is the Empire Blast Cabinet. If you
are looking for a piece of equipment that involves cleaning chemicals, then this is perfect for
your business. This Blast Cabinet is built to perform many tasks after one another, by simply
varying the air pressure. With that technique, the machine is able to finish the job quicker and
more efficiently. You can specify this machine with either suction or pressure blast systems. You
would choose the pressure blast system if you need the production of your item to come out
more quickly and in bulk. If you are interested in looking more into this machine and the price
of it, click the link below!
After looking at all of the great products from HGR Industrial Surplus, it is time to choose
which one would suit your business the best. If none of these Finishing Machines sparked
your interest, there are plenty more to look at right here
In conclusion, owning pieces of Finishing Equipment is definitely a smart move for any business
or company. If you create products in bulk that need attention, these machines are perfect for
just that. Go take a look at what else HGR Industrial Surplus has to offer!


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