7 Things to Do Before Buying a Used Robot

7 things to do before buying a used robotWhen automating your manufacturing processes, make sure you take these steps to find the right industrial robot for your specific applications.

Robots have gradually become an important part of our lives. They are vital in eliminating human involvement in dangerous jobs since they work in hazardous environments.

Furthermore, we rely on robots to handle repetitive tasks, toxic substances and lift heavy loads.

The global robotic shipment totaled 384,000 in 2020, representing a positive increase from 2019. It is estimated that there will be a continued rise in the shipment to surpass the 2016 peak shipment of 422,000 industrial worldwide.

Buying a used industrial robot instead of a new one is a smart business decision to prevent overspending on a new product. When buying used, however, HGR recommends carefully considering certain factors to ensure you make the right choice.

Read this guide to the end to learn more about the seven things to do before purchasing a used robot.

7 things to do before buying a used industrial robot

  1. Check whether you are buying from a reliable source

Your ability to get a good deal and functional used robot will depend on the site you are buying from. A simple online search can land you on several platforms that have industrial equipment for sale. However, that does not mean all these platforms can be trusted.

Some sites are normally set up to hoodwink you. Before you know it, you would have lost your money and never got the robot you wanted. And if you did, the used robot may not work as expected.

FANUC robot

Please take your time to evaluate the source you are buying from and what other people are saying about it. Do reviewers think they deal with genuine products? Have they been disappointed with their purchases in the past? Are their terms and conditions favorable?

These basic considerations can save you from regrets later on. Only buy from reputable sources.

  1. Is the robot too old?

Even though you are getting a used robot, it should not be too old. The older the robot, the more tasks it is likely to have handled. And since robots are mechanical, it reaches a point when they can no longer function as efficiently as they used to be.

Buying a too old robot means you may only utilize it for a short while before it reaches its end of life. At the same time, it may also expose you to several maintenance tasks such that you may not get the value of your investment.

As a result, age is a key factor to consider. Base your consideration on the FANUC guideline that the typical robot life cycle is around 100,000 hours without failing. That’s about 11 years.

  1. Assess the process you would like to automate

Most people who buy a used industrial robot do so without first understanding the key roles this robot would play in their environment. Since there are so many applications that industrial robots can automate, you need to clarify your goals. Are you focused on robotic welding, material handling, or any other role?

Begin with the basic points if you have many processes that you would like to automate. Trying to accomplish complex requirements before handling the basics may end up confusing your overall aim.

Understanding the process helps you buy industrial equipment meant for the job. For example, you may want to automate the welding process for long straight lines. In that case, you would need to counter-confirm the robot considered has the specific ability.

  1. Establish your preferred condition for the used robot

KUKA robotYou can get your robot in different conditions, including refurbished, as is, or tested and working. Going with the as-is robot can be cost-effective but places on you a considerable risk. You have no guarantee that it will work as presumed.

Buying the tested and working used robot often appears safer as you have a clearer picture of the robot’s status. However, if you do not perform the required preventive maintenance, you will likely have issues down the road.

Generally, refurbished robots are often the ideal choice to make. Even though different robots have varying refurbishment standards, the reconditioned status often gives them more useful lives.

  1. Determine how fast you want the robot delivered

When buying a used robot, you should expect varying lead times based on where you bought it from and the condition at the time of purchase. Most new robots normally have a lead time of 10 weeks, excluding integration works. On the other hand, as is robots may be shipped on the same day

You may have to wait for a day or two for tested and working robots to be prepared for shipment as per the seller’s schedule. Going for refurbished robots may require about a week of preparation.


Buying HGR manufacturing equipment gives you the most flexible lead time and favorable cost.

  1. Check if it comes with the original operating software

For robots to function, they require an operating system. If you were to buy a new robot, it would typically come with everything pre-packed, including its operating system license and key.

However, that is not always a guarantee for used robots. Please note that the software is often expensive, and getting its replacement would cost you more. Make a point of asking your supplier for the original disc and license.

  1. Counter-check the robot from the manufacturing site

Buying a used robot often means it does not come directly from the manufacturer. However, if the robot were to develop issues along the way, you may find yourself having to involve the manufacturer to service it.

Always confirm whether the manufacturer still services the model you want to buy. If they do not, check for the availability of service providers.

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