A Guide to Robot Parts and Accessories

HGR developed a quick and easy guide to help buy robot parts and accessories that are right for your robot applications.

In the early 1980s, there was a common belief that robots were meant for big companies and would handle only repetitive work. Only those with deep pockets could afford to automate their processes back then.

Things have changed since then. With the ongoing improvement in technology, robots have become more accessible and affordable. That has translated to more use cases for the robots.

Even though they help streamline business processes, there are times when robots fail. And when they do, they will need parts and accessories for their maintenance.

Read this guide to learn more about getting robot parts and accessories.

Guide to sourcing for robot parts and accessories

An industrial robot plays an important role in the manufacturing process and daily life. It automates your processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Perform the right maintenance and get replacement parts and accessories where necessary.

Here are some key factors to consider when getting robot parts:

#1: Quality of the replacement parts

When looking for an industrial robot spare part, never compromise on quality if you want it to last. In most cases, it may seem too expensive in the short term but the ROI proves worthwhile in the long run.

Most people often wonder how they can tell a robot part is top quality. Always look for parts engineered with the same specs as the manufacturer.

Ask for field test results or look them up on the Internet whenever possible. A good supplier shares this information as part of the product description. It will help to know potential robot performance under different conditions.

https://hgrinc.cNachi-fujikoshi Sc50f-01 Robotom/surplus/robots/#2: The purchasing experience

Whether looking for a robot arm or any other part, do not just focus on the accessories. Instead, also pay attention to the responsiveness and availability of suppliers.

Prioritize buying from suppliers with an e-commerce platform where it is possible to browse through all the existing parts. Such a platform should have a good description of the parts, show their images, and avail channels for ordering 24/7.

Consider whether it would be easy to contact the supplier if issues arise. Robots can develop issues even after installing the replacement part. That is why the supplier is expected to have a knowledgeable customer support team. The support can be delivered in various ways, such as live chat, email, and phone calls.

#3: Constant availability of parts

A robot will always need different kinds of maintenance. One has the flexibility of performing reactive, preventive, and predictive maintenance.

Reactive maintenance is when the robot runs until it fails. Thus, the maintenance works wait up to the last minute. Preventive maintenance is often scheduled to take place several times a year. Predictive maintenance involves using diagnostic data to forecast what part might develop issues and maintain it accordingly.

Any maintenance approach followed will often need different robot parts. The level of urgency tends to be higher for those who rely on reactive maintenance because they wait until the robot fails, and they need to get a part as soon as possible.

Source the accessories from a trusted and reliable supplier who can deliver within the shortest time possible. They ought to have a wide range of collections for all types of robots, such as the KUKA robot, FANUC robot, and ABB robot.

#4: Technical expertise

Do not rush into buying a robot accessory without the right persons for the installation task. In some cases, suppliers may have in-house technical teams to help with the installation. However, that is not always the case.

Always seek advice before placing an order for the replacement parts. That prevents buying the parts only to find that they do not match due to a slight difference in model numbers.

#5: Consider the cost

Carefully analyze to ensure the cost of replacing the robot part does not exceed the cost of purchasing a new one. Conduct detailed research to find out the robot’s current market rate and compare that against the cost of purchasing the accessories.

It is also worth looking into the payment terms offered by the supplier. Some may require upfront payment, while others accept an extended period of 30 days. It all depends on the kind of business relationship you have with them.

Source for high-quality robot parts from HGR

Whether looking for a robot wrist or any other accessory, HGR guarantees a wide range of robot parts to choose from. We are the leading robot accessories provider. Visit us to explore our impressive collection of parts for all types of robots.


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