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Used machinery has never been in more demand than currently, on both sides of the coin of buying and selling. HGR is your number one source for either selling your machinery, or buying used machinery. In some cases, your business may be looking to fill an immediate need for parts, and HGR has that machine in stock. Having a back up machine for parts or secondary use is a smart way to make sure production doesn’t stop. We are going to look at the buying and selling side of used machinery to see if your company can benefit from using the number one resource for used machinery and surplus supplies. 

Selling your used machinery has never been easier with HGR Industrial Surplus and their team of experienced buyers. HGR covers the majority of the states east of the Mississippi. If you are curious to whether or not your state is one of those, check out this map and enter your info. Also you can email our surplus hotline and provide some info on the items you are looking to sell and your contact info. If the item is something HGR buys, someone will contact you to schedule an inspection. A buyer from HGR will come to see the machinery and give you an offer. If you accept, a check is quickly sent and your items will be picked up and transported to Euclid, Ohio. There it will be housed in a 12-acre showroom that is open to the public, under cautionary measures currently. 

Buying used machinery is what happens once the item arrives in Euclid. It is inventoried and put online amazingly fast. This is one of the major draws to HGR. The amount of inventory and how fast it moves. You never know what is coming next. Buying online is the best way to go when purchasing at HGR and one of the only ways to take advantage of sales. There is no payment online, for security reasons, but there is a sales staff available to take your call and payment Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. There are filters on the left side of the page to assist in your search. Popular categories like Machine Tools, New Arrivals, Last Chance Closeouts and more. See what your number source for used machinery and surplus supplies has to offer you. 


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