Dust Collection Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

Dust Collection Equipment

If you work in any type of building, then you most definitely know about dust that sits in the air. Due to more airborne illnesses as well, it is especially important to own an Air Purifier or Dust Collector. If you work in a building with many other people, they may suffer from seasonal allergies or even allergies from dust and dander. Owning and keeping up with a Dust Collector is one of the most important machines for your business, especially with seasons changing and COVID-19. Luckily for you, HGR Industrial Surplus owns a couple of hundred different types of Dust Collection Equipment to suit all of your company’s needs.

  The first piece of equipment highlighted is going to be the Donaldson Torit 80 Cabinet Dust Collector. Not only is this machine a new arrival, but also one of the most popular and trusted brands for Dust Collectors. This machine offers reliable and cost-efficient filtration, as well as an extremely easy way to replace Dust Collector bags. The filter for this machine is manually operated, which makes it very easy to clean. The best part about this model is that it includes four filter media selections and three construction choices – which gives you the ability to customize the machine for your business’s needs. If you are interested in this machine or looking more into it, here is the link below. https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Dust-Collection/Used-Donaldsontorit-Donaldsontorit-80-Cab-Dust-Collector/05210770002/.

The second piece of Dust Collector Equipment I will be highlighting is the Empire Dust Collector. This Dust Collector is specifically designed for air-blast applications. This system captures the dust-laden air, filters it, and then returns clean air to the building. Empire uses nano-technology to provide a longer life for their machines. There is also no need for outside venting of air for the Empire Dust Collectors. Each machine also comes with a properly sized high-pressure blower. One of the best parts of this machine is that it allows you to clean the cartridges during its operation. This machine is a new arrival, so you should go snag it while you can. https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Dust-Collection/Used-Empire-Empire-Dust-Collector/05200510170/.

The final product that will be highlighted in this blog is called the Pangborn Dust Collector. Pangborn is a great company to purchase Dust Collectors from because having clean air is their first priority. HGR Industrial Surplus offers some of these models from Pangborn at a cheaper price because they are all used machines. Pangborn Dust Collectors require very minimal maintenance, which is perfect for a large and busy business. Their machines are also extremely safe for not only the environment but also the people working in the environment. These machines work with any blast equipment, no matter the manufacturer. Pangborn may sound like the perfect Dust Collector for you, so take a look at this link right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Dust-Collection/Used-Pangborn-Pangborn-Bt6067-Dust-Collector/05190221011/.

After reading about these affordable and efficient Dust Collectors, you may feel eager to purchase one. Not only does HGR offer these at cheaper prices, but there are so many to choose from. HGR owns and offers the most popular brands including Donaldson-Torit, Smoghog, and Greystone. It is extremely important to have safe air for your facility and workers, so go take a look at what HGR Industrial Surplus has to offer. https://hgrinc.com/surplus/dust-collection/.


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