Finishing Equipment Spotlight on Surface Grinders

Grinding Wheel
Surface Grinders are a common piece of finishing equipment. It is an abrasive wheel is used in the finishing process to provide a smooth surface metallic or nonmetallic materials. This gives the materials a refined look by removing oxidation and impurities on the surface. Some of the different parts of the surface grinder include a wheel, a chuck, and reciprocating table. The chuck is used to hold your material in place while you are working on it. There are chucks that use magnets to hold the material in place, and there are others that use a vacuum or a mechanism. The grinding wheels can also be composed of different material.

The two common types of spindles used are a vertical spindle and a horizontal spindle. A vertical spindle design has a spindle that’s pointing straight up and down. The grinding wheel itself lays flat on its face at the bottom of this spindle so that the wheel’s full width can be utilized in grinding the object. A horizontal spindle design has a wheel that’s suspended over the table. Only the wheel’s flat, outside edge will come into contact with the object that’s being secured by the chuck.
There are also two types of surface grinding machines. Planer grinders keep the grinding wheel in one place while the worktable around it is being moved, creating a reciprocating back-and-forth motion that can be controlled either manually or via a mechanic or hydraulic drive mechanism. The spindle that’s used to rotate the grinding wheel can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Rotary-type grinders have circular shaped worktables that revolve, as does the grinding wheel itself. They can be either vertical or horizontal.

HGR Has Them
No matter what type of surface grinder you need, chances are, HGR has one for less. Buying one used can help manage overhead and avoid the high-cost of buying new. Currently there are over one hundred items on our surface grinder search. This could include wheels and other tools or attachments as well as machinery. Some of the more popular brands in stock are, Brown & Sharpe, Thompson, Blanchard, Kent, DoAll, and Cleveland Grinding. HGR offers a 30-day return policy on all items, so you can purchase with confidence. Browse our inventory of surface grinders or just visit our home page to see what else HGR offers in their 12-acre showroom.HGR Surface Grinder


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