HGR Launches New Online Auction Platform

industrial equipment auctionWe are pleased to announce the launch of HGR Auctions, our very own online auction platform to bid for and sell industrial surplus.

Companies looking to buy or sell industrial surplus have an additional avenue to get the equipment they need or recoup the initial value on their surplus.

HGR Auctions will host regular live online auctions. Sign up for an account with us to get notified of live auction dates and start bidding! Our first auction goes live on January 20, 2022.

Learn more about buying and selling surplus through HGR Auctions below.

HGR Auctions available now

How to buy equipment on HGR Auctions

We make it easy for you to bid for the equipment you want by offering three bidding options:

  • Maximum bid: Input your maximum pre-bid amount. If you are outbid by another user, your bid will increase automatically based on the item’s bidding increment up to your selected maximum bid.
  • Pre-bid: Bid on equipment days before the auction starts! You can place a bid on an item up to seven days before the auction goes live and view all items in the buying section of your customer portal. If your bid wins, you will receive a notification. If you are outbid, you’ll be notified and be able to submit a higher bid.
  • Instant bidding: Actively bid on items as they are about to close. If another user outbids you, you’ll receive a notification and be able to submit a bid at the next bid increment. This will continue until you either win the item or drop out of the bidding. Though we have predetermined auction times in place, we offer soft closing times. If a bid is placed with under one minute left in the auction, additional time will be added to the auction clock.

Plus, build your watchlist on items to get notified of new bids, reductions in starting bids, and items sold before auction date.

How to sell equipment on HGR Auctions

You’ve trusted us to buy your surplus for over 20 years. Now, sell your equipment through HGR Auctions as an additional disposition channel to:

  • Increase warehouse space
  • Dispose of unwanted equipment
  • Purchase newer models
  • Decommission your facility

Want to sell your surplus now? Call us at (216) 486-4567 or contact us here to get started.

Register for HGR Auctions today

Create an account on our auction platform and request buying privileges to start bidding on the equipment you need for the price you want. Our first live auction is coming soon on January 20, 2022, so don’t wait!

Plus, read our press release to learn more.

Buy and sell with HGR

HGR has over 20 years of experience serving local and international customers looking to buy industrial tools, robots, parts, and equipment. Our 500,000 square foot facility in Euclid, Ohio carries thousands of items with truckloads of equipment coming in every day.

Plus, we purchase used surplus from warehouses across the United States so our vendors can clear out their facilities while recouping part of their initial investment.

Visit HGRinc.com to view the latest additions to our marketplace, save big on used industrial parts and equipment, and sell your surplus to us. And visit HGR Auctions to bid for equipment and sell your surplus through our new online auction platform.


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