HGR Receives BlueStone Service Award

HGR Receives BlueStone Service AwardHGR is honored to receive the BlueStone Courtesy in Service Award from the Euclid Chamber of Commerce. 

According to the Chamber, HGR was nominated and selected for our openness and ability to hire people from all walks of life, especially those who need it most. 

Most recently, we hired three people named John, Hameed, and Saba, refugees who were relocated in the Cleveland area after experiencing danger and loss in their home country. 

We helped arrange the positions for our new hires to start soon after their arrival to help them “Hit the Ground Running” at HGR. 

Learn more about the story of John, Hameed, and Saba below. 

HGR Welcomes John, Hameed, and Saba 

John, Hameed, and Saba started working at HGR two months ago after relocating to escape unsafe conditions in their home country. 

After months of travel and bouncing from one location to the next for the immigration process, they finally landed in Ohio to start their new lives and new jobs at HGR. 

After being threatened and searched for by a dangerous group, John made the decision to take Hameed and Saba, his cousin and nephew respectively, away from the threats to an entirely new continent. According to John, “In one night, we lost everything.” 

They left much behind: John was the president of a prosperous company, Saba was a star football player (soccer to Americans) and preparing to go to college, and Hameed worked as a body guard. The opposing forces of their home country stole their livelihoods and careers, forcing them to leave everything behind to find safety and security. 

Presently, in Ohio, John, Saba, and Hameed are rebuilding their lives. Their hardworking ethic is apparent in the way they perform their new jobs at HGR in detailing and inventory. The attitude of success that served them in their previous lives will carry them to great heights in their new home. 

For now, John, Saba, and Hameed are chugging away at HGR, doing their best for our staff and customers. They have even received a Value Nomination in their short time here!  

HGR has an internal Values Committee where our staff can nominate other staff for excellence in work ethic and customer service. Our three new employees have made themselves known as a great asset to the company and a wonderful addition to the HGR family. 

Our incredible HR Manager, Tina Dick, has been supporting John, Saba, and Hameed’s transition to working at HGR and living in a new country. From arranging their new positions to helping John practice  for his driver’s license, Tina has gone above and beyond to ensure that our new employees are comfortable and situated. Plus, coworkers of our new employees have stepped up to help as well, such as Jack from the Operations department, who helped John with online driving coursework. HGR is proud of how our team has worked together to welcome John, Saba, and Hameed to their new home. 

We thank John, Saba, and Hameed for choosing to join HGR, and we also thank the Euclid Chamber of Commerce for recognizing HGR’s commitment to caring for the people in our community.

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