How Used Industrial Equipment Benefits the Environment

How Used Industrial Equipment Benefits the EnvironmentBuying used industrial equipment can go a long way in benefiting the environment by reducing pollution and energy conservation.

The rising global temperature at an average of 0.08 degrees Celsius and sudden change in climatic patterns is attributed to pollution. There are many pollution factors, and one of the most effective ways to cut back on them is to address the problem at its root cause.

Undoubtedly, the manufacturing sector has had a role in negatively affecting the environment. This article shows how manufacturers can benefit the environment by adopting used industrial surplus.

How used industrial equipment is good for the environment

#1: Buying used equipment reduces land pollution

Land pollution happens when the earth’s land surface and below ground deteriorate due to indecomposable material being dumped in landfills. The accumulating waste contaminates soil and leads to sizeable chunks of land that are unusable.

Air pollution
Air pollution from a factory

Factories without plans for disposing of their machinery when decommissioning end up being one of the biggest contributors to land pollution.

When machines are deposited on land areas, they affect the permeability of soil formations. Buying used industrial equipment prevents equipment from being thrown in the landfill, extending the life of the equipment and lessening the need to create new equipment.

Manufacturers have an important role to play in ensuring that they prevent cases of machines becoming a major contributor to land pollution. When budgeting to buy your next industrial equipment, buy used and save big! Begin by checking trusted platforms, such as HGR. We have a huge stock of used industrial equipment applicable to your production line.

#2: Used industrial equipment cuts back on air pollution

Air pollution comprises particles or chemicals released into the air and is harmful to humans, plants, and animals. These particles can also damage buildings. Such pollutants from the manufacturing sector can take different forms, including liquid droplets, solid particles, and gases.

Buying used equipment can be one of the easiest ways to avoid using machinery that generates a lot of carbon dioxide, thereby causing carbon footprint to increase.

HGR does not just sell used equipment, but also helps you clear out space in your warehouse for new projects by buying equipment from you. Check out our How to Sell page to extend the life of the equipment you no longer need and participate in protecting the environment from pollution.

KUKA Servo Motor
Servo motors help decrease energy usage in machinery by 40%

#3: Buying used instead of new saves on energy

Buying used equipment that has undergone effective maintenance can help you keep track of accurate details of its energy consumption. Maintain your used industrial equipment to ensure it runs efficiently to prevent using more energy than necessary.

As you collect real-time data of power usage from your recently bought used equipment, you can make the most of it by taking relevant actions. For instance, it may be helpful you take note of wasteful practices and get rid of them to ensure efficient energy use through lean manufacturing practices.

Revamping your production line with used equipment allows you to collect power use data to help in smart decision-making by operators, engineers, and management. Operators could monitor local data to implement efficient operations. On the other hand, engineers can use the same to make production decisions, while management may rely on the data to gauge the sustainability of their investments.

#4: Buy used equipment with predictive analytics for efficient planning

When supply and demand are not well balanced, factories may produce an excess of products when they are not needed. As a result, the business may create pollution when they could have avoided it.

Used equipment may include predictive analytics that helps you gauge when to produce more products and when to go slow on your production line. Therefore, you only produce goods when necessary, which translates to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

HGR deals with used industrial equipment that benefit the environment

At HGR, we seek to help factories be as environmentally friendly as possible. We know that getting newer equipment can prove to be costly for most small- to mid-sized manufacturing businesses. That’s why HGR makes the process easier for you by selling used industrial equipment that works as expected. Shop our huge selection of industrial equipment at great prices today at



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