Komatsu Brand Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Komatsu PressKomatsu America manufactures a wide variety of machinery, mining equipment, forestry equipment, forklifts and more. HGR Industrial Surplus has a few different Komatsu Items in stock currently if you are interested in this brand. You will find a Komatsu Press or a forklift in used condition at HGR.  There will most likely won’t be any mining or forestry equipment. Komatsu’s website may be the best source for those items.  Otherwise, we want to look at the history of the Komatsu brand in case you may not be familiar with them. 


Komatsu began marketing in America in the 1960’s and is named after the city Komatsu. The English translation of the city’s name is “little pine tree”.  A legend said an emperor planted a sapling in that region that grew into a forest. The legendary story dates back to the Heian period (794-1192). Some of the lines of products they produce are the intelligent machine control, hydraulic excavators, crawlers dozers, and more. The company itself began in 1917 and has now grown into the world’s second largest producer of construction equipment, according to Komatsu’s website. 

The main item you will find at HGR from Komatsu is their line of presses, including a CNC press. The range and size go from 2,000 pounds to a 200 ton capacity so make sure you browse through them because you never know what you will find at HGR. HGR get sin hundreds of new arrivals daily, so keep checking back if you can’t find what you are looking for. If you are looking for a press, and didn’t find one from Komatsu, we have a few more in stock for you to look through from various manufacturers. 

HGR also has auctions frequently that feature high quality equipment for less. Used machinery auctions are posted on HGR’s homepage as they are announced and shared in the sales email that is sent out regularly. You can sign up online by creating an HGR account and checking yes to our email. 


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