Markdowns on Used Machinery

Markdowns at HGRMarkdowns on used machinery are words that brighten the day of many that shop at HGR. One of the most beneficial categories at HGR is the Markdown category. It is here that you will find great deals on used equipment of all kinds. HGR just doesn’t markdown the stuff nobody wants. HGR marks down everything! It is typically ran on a time schedule based off of the inventory date of the item. The longer the item sits at HGR, the more the markdown is increased until it reached the Last Chance Closeouts category. Here is when the item hits the rock bottom pricing and is priced to sell, with a little room to negotiate, on some items. What is in the Markdown category that makes it such a worthwhile browse? Read on to find out markdowns on used machinery.

HGR frequently stocks anywhere from 18-20 thousand items. Most of these items are random machinery or specific manufacturers and machine shops. While these items can vary, a lot of the items are similar throughout HGR like lathes, drill presses, electrical items, motors, and too many others to count. It is because of this large volume of used machinery that some of the items get overlooked. HGR also gets in hundreds of new arrivals daily so when browsing, items are constantly being added and updated. This makes similar looking items blend in and become lost. That is why the inventory number is the most important piece if info to remember when looking at an item. There may be ten lathes that meet that description with slight variables. The inventory number is unique to that item and will allow anyone in the building to locate that item or info on it.

Are you looking to see if something specific is in the markdown category? If you use the Markdowns options to search, all of the items in HGR that are marked down will show up and it may be difficult to find what you are looking for. A great feature on the website is the ability to add that filter onto an existing category. Let’s say you were looking for a used CNC or a used lathe, but you were on al limited budget and wanted to see the best available option for the price. You can type lathe into the search bar and once the items populate, you can add the Markdown filter to it. This also works with new arrivals, last chance closeouts, and and other filter option on the left hand side of the screen. Using these filters to find what you are looking for makes shopping online for used machinery a breeze. If you have any questions while visiting the site, use our live cat option in the upper left hand of your screen for a real person to assist you.


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