New Arrivals at HGR

HGR is known for having a 12-acre showroom filled with more than 18,000 items currently. New arrivals are a big part of what makes HGR so appealing. In the week of April 6th alone, 807 items were inventoried, averaging roughly 161 items per day. What types of items come in at HGR? Some of the more popular items include shears, injection molders, lathes, granulators, air compressors, and hundreds more industrial or manufacturing items. 

Where does the stuff come from? 

HGR has equipment and machinery and equipment buyers located in multiple states on the east side of the Mississippi River. These buyers go to the prospective sellers to evaluate what they want to sell and make them an offer. Once the offer is accepted, HGR arranges for the item to be picked up and delivered to their showroom in Euclid, Ohio. Here, it is put into inventory and transported to the 12-acre showroom to be placed into its proper aisle. Customers then can come and view these items in-person to inspect it to see if it is a worthwhile purchase for them or their company. 

When does it come in? 

Items come in daily, so it is helpful to frequent our site and see what’s new often. As for what comes in, you never know. HGR gets the items in, takes their pictures and has them online within a few hours. So when you click on the new arrivals link, the results could be different from just a few hours ago. It’s like a treasure hunt of new arrivals every time you click the link. 

Where Did That Item Go?

So you’re checking HGR’s site and see an item you are interested in. You write down the number and think about it, before briefly bringing it up to the person you need to for approval. You go back to the site and can’t find the product? Most likely it is sold. It happens that fast. A lot of HGR’s customers are locked into the new arrivals category and are trying to get the jump on the best items as they are listed. HGR also sends out a daily email blast with new items in different categories. You can sing up for that here. 


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