Surplus Supplies Provide Savings for Companies


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These are unprecedented times we face as humans, let alone as businesses. We have more knowledge and technology available than ever, but our economy has been crippled by a widespread virus. Finding new ways to keep your business going while keeping cost low has never been more important than right now. Surplus supplies provide savings for companies HGR is an essential suppler of surplus supplies and used machinery to do just that.

What Do You Mean Surplus?
As manufacturers become more fluid and changing in what they produce, they may have left over supplies form a previous run. Ideally they would like to recoup any cost possible from this. I don’t mean a few half-empty cans of paint. I am talking pallets of obsolete media, or truckloads of equipment that no longer serve their purpose. A lot of cost may have been recovered in production, so that means whatever leftovers that are sitting in your warehouse become profit. Instead of paying to have someone remove it, a company like HGR will come, inspect it, and make an offer. This includes removal.

HGR Building, Euclid, Ohio

What Does HGR Do With The Surplus?
After purchasing, HGR has it brought into their warehouse in Euclid, Ohio where they inventory it, take pictures, and post it to their website. That is when the customers can browse online to view the inventory, or come into the 12-acre showroom to inspect the items themselves. This is where the savings come in. HGR resells all of that surplus to you at pennies on the dollar. Leftover supplies from one company, could be the thing that pushes another company into profit on a job. It could be something like nitrile safety gloves, safety glasses, or other MRO. Why pay the high prices for new, when HGR may have new, in-the-box items that simply were no longer needed, for prices that can’t be beat.

Does the Machinery Run?
HGR also sells used machinery that was purchased from companies similar to surplus. One of the questions we always get is, “Does it run?” And the answer is, we don’t know. One of the reasons HGR is able to offer such great prices, is the unknown running condition. There is a 30-day return policy if it doesn’t, although HGR does not cover shipping for obvious reasons. You may get a machine for a percentage of the costs and it runs great. Winner winner chicken dinner for you, bud. But what if it doesn’t? Even with the cost of repair, you may most likely still be significantly under the cost of a certified used machine, yet alone a new one. Not testing the machinery allows HGR to keep the cost to our customers as low as possible.

How Can I See What HGR Has?
Easy! Just visit us online at and browse through the categories. If you have any questions, please use our live chat option in the top left of the screen. If you would like to purchase an item, submit a purchase request to one of our sales staff and they will contact you for shipping and payment info. HGR does not accept payment online. Cash, Check, Credit over the phone, or Wire Transfer (not Western Union) are all methods of payment that are acceptable. Surplus Supplies Provide Savings for Companies.


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