Tooling Around at HGR

tooling at hgrTooling Around at HGR

An important part of each project or job, is having the right tools to accomplish the task at hand. Sometimes standard tools may work great and be what you need. Other times special tooling is needed. The size and cost of this tooling varies per application and per machine, but buying used tooling may be a way to get what you need for a fraction of the cost. What does HGR sell? Let’s find out. 

No Tool’s Gold Here

Okay, that pun was bad. Borderline offensively bad, but let me dig deeper. See another mining for gold joke there. I will stop now, maybe. Currently HGR has over 800 items in the Tooling category. Tooling is the main category, but it breaks down further to subcategories like; Bearings, Dies, Nutrunners, Linear Slides, Spindles, and Machine Parts. Some parts are individual, while others come in lots that may include multiple tools. This is where the fun begins at HGR. It is like a treasure hunt. You need that one piece of tooling that comes in a lot, so you buy it all. You come to find out the uses for the other pieces and have now diversified your output. That’s why it’s beneficial to routinely browse our inventory. With hundreds of items coming in daily, and the speed in which we sell them, you may miss out on a great deal.  

types of tooling HGR sells

Tool Be or Not Tool Be

Thou shall broweseth our siteth…”Reign in the Shakespeare young man, you’ve gone too far” (Morgan Freeman voice). Is there something at HGR for you? I’m not sure, but if you are in the manufacturing or industrial sector, I am willing to bet a cold chilly dog that you can find something of use at a cheaper cost than buying new.  You can even let your sales guy know that you are interested in tooling, and we can make sure you get the updates we send out weekly on certain categories. 


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