Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Manufacturing Productivity

Increasing productivity in manufacturing is a crucial step in business ownership as it ensures higher output, customer satisfaction, and revenue.  

Measuring success is often defined by the ability to meet or exceed demands. A highly productive workforce supported by the right technology and machinery is a key to success.  

Increasing productivity is achievable without necessarily having to utilize someone like an outside consultant, though an unbiased outsider’s perspective can reveal helpful insights.  

The key to increasing manufacturing productivity is taking practical steps that enhance internal processes and keep the plant running efficiently.  

Five ways to better manufacturing productivity  

#1: Regular equipment maintenance 

Large machines are common in today’s industrial set-ups, and most factories can’t afford the downtime of a piece of essential equipment. As machines run day after day, various technical issues can occur, but regular maintenance keeps assembly lines and equipment in peak running condition.  

Keeping industrial machines properly maintained also prevents abrupt failures. Regular maintenance often finds detected issues that could impact the efficiency of the machine.  

#2: Embrace industrial automation 

Industrial automation is a surefire way to increase productivity by improving manufacturing efficiency. Replacing outdated machines with digital solutions, like Audion Automation, enhance the production process.  

It’s important to invest in a manufacturing element as a business is growing, to keep up with consumer demand. Through industrial automation, a manufacturer will be better able to forecast process completion, analyze places for improvement, and form a clear picture of the production line. 

#3: Create room for expansion by selling used equipment  

The idea to sell used equipment may seem counter-intuitive to increasing productivity, but it is actually a simple way to improve workflow. If there are old machines taking up space on the factory floor, selling them can clear out space that can be utilized for other production needs, as well as generate funds for future improvements and projects.  

Decommissioning cleans up production floors and removes what is no longer needed, allowing you the freedom of re-aligning production processes and utilizing the additional space. The newly generated funds can then be reinvested into upgraded machinery.  

#4: Enhance communication  

Communication is the baseline of an efficient and smooth production process. Clear communication is a vital requirement to ensure a workforce is effective.  

For example, clear communication between both management and staff about machine issues and maintenance can prevent breakdowns and downtime. Make sure employees have been properly trained in the ways to communicate issues, concerns, and regularly scheduled tasks, like maintenance.  

Proper communication also reduces risks in the workplace. Training and clear communication prevents injuries and sets a safety standard for employees working with hazardous machinery and materials.  

Communication is important and should not be overlooked. Developing an effective communication strategy is a keystone in increasing productivity and minimizing downtime, risks, and failure.  

#5: Continuous training  

Training goes hand in hand with communication in improving productivity. Operators, maintenance workers, and coordinators all need proper training to ensure that machinery is running at its highest efficiency.  

Creating a knowledgeable workforce not only improves productivity but ensures little downtime and less risk for both a company and a worker. Also, employees that feel knowledgeable and comfortable in their role are less likely to feel lost or frustrated, and more likely to feel empowered and productive.  

Taking a hands-on approach to training in-house also can also streamline the educational process, and ensure that each worker is specialized in their field or position.  

HGR’s partner company, NRTC Automation, offers Robotic Training Services for all the latest robots and equipment, including personalized hands-on training at our site or yours. We empower team members and familiarize them with all major robot manufacturers, so they have the skills and tools to solve any problem that may arise.  

HGR is committed to improving your manufacturing productivity 

At HGR, we are committed to improving your manufacturing productivity by giving you access to a wide range of useful equipment. You can buy and sell everything on our platform. Every piece of equipment comes with a 30-day guarantee policy. Contact our sales team to learn more about how we can help better your production line. 


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