Use Your Production Goals to Find the Right Industrial Robot

Use Your Production Goals to Find the Right Industrial Robot Industrial robots are the turnkey solution for faster, more efficient production.

Due to the unique needs of each business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for industrial automation.

Companies around the world are increasing their use of industrial robots due to the technological advancement in artificial intelligence and improvement in robotics.

How should you go about automating your facility? Learn how to identify the right automation for your facility with HGR.

How to choose the right industrial robot for your production goals

Knowing what to look for, especially when you are comparing and evaluating different industrial robots from different manufacturers, is necessary if you want to save on industrial equipment.

Here are a few important things that you need to consider:

1. First, identify applications that the robots will perform.

The first course of action when choosing your industrial robots is to identify the applications or tasks that the robots will perform. This will help you purchase only the robots that you need and ensure that it can carry out the job effectively.

In an era where robotics technology has made huge advancements, there is a robot for almost any task you wish to perform, and in some cases, there are hundreds of models to choose from.

Our next few tips will help you filter those hundreds of robots to your ideal model.

2. Identify the robot’s payload.

industrial picking robotA robot payload is a maximum load a robot can carry in its working space.

For example, if you are looking to carry a load from one machine to the other, you will need to incorporate the load’s weight and the robot gripper weight as part of the payload.

Determine the payload that crosses through your production line before purchasing a robot to prevent buying one that can’t handle your load, or overpaying for a robot with a much higher payload than you need.

3. What number of axes do you require from a robot?

The number of axes in a robot is directly related to the level of movement required to perform a certain task. A good example is if you are operating a straightforward application where all you need is to just pick an item from one conveyer up to the next, then a four-axis robot is ideal for the job.

However, if your application requires the robot arm to turn a lot, a 6 to 7 axis robot may be a better choice for you, especially when the application is being executed in a small workspace.

When you are utilizing the robot arm with a different application, it’s advisable to get one with more movement than to end up with one that does not have enough.

4. What is the industrial robot’s reach?

Before purchasing an industrial robot, you need to look at the target application and identify the maximum distance your industrial robot needs to reach.

The maximum vertical reach is measured from the maximum height the wrist can go up to the lowest point the robot can reach. The maximum horizontal reach of a robot is the distance from the center of the robot to the furthest point its wrist can reach.

Be sure to consider the robot’s motion range when determining its reach.

5. Determine the speed.

industrial robots automotiveSpeed is important if you want to complete the job within the required timeline, reduce lead time, and minimize downtime. The spec sheet of any type of robot usually specifies its maximum speed, often in degrees/second.

6. Find out the robot’s energy consumption level.

A robot’s energy consumption level is usually written down on the owner’s manual. Some robots, especially newer models, are efficiently designed with lightweight robot arms which requires less power. This will result in long-term energy savings, but you may need to pay upfront for the new model price tag.

7. Review the manufacturer’s reputation and experience.

Before settling for a specific industrial robot, ensure that you’ve researched the manufacturer. Look for reliable manufacturers who have produced thousands of robots for international companies, such as KUKA, ABB, FANUC, and others.

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