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Band saws are versatile tools that may not be the first thing you purchase for your woodworking shop. Once you get one though, you realize that you can no longer live without it.  All band saws are not created equal and the industrial band saws are bigger and beefier than their end-user counter parts. Band saws have been a staple to multiple industries since conception. 

Vintage Band Saw
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History of the Band Saw

In 1809, a British patent went to William Newberry, but he had issues with blade durability which delayed the mainstream use until France native, Anne Paulin Crepin devised a welding technique to overcome this hurdle. It was 1846 when she applied for the patent and then sold it to manufacturer A. Perin & Company of Paris. It was here that they combined new steel alloys and her advanced tempering techniques resulting in the fist modern band saw. 

Why Buy Used

Have you ever bought a new car and drove it off the lot?  We all know what happens to the value the moment that happens. This is the same for machinery. Once they get the new equipment, the value has dropped significantly.  Buying used saves that original mark up and your overall costs. There is also how fast you will get the machine. If you were to buy used, and had a method of transportation, you could walk into a place like HGR a buy one today and leave with it. Even if you need help with shipping, it will be no where near the amount of time it takes for a new machine to be manufactured, 

Used Band Saws

HGR has over 150 used band saws available currently. Popular brands like Amada, Takisawa, Bosch, Hyd-Mech, Clausing, DoAll, and more. There are different types of saws available like Horizontal Band Saws, Vertical Band Saws, Up Cut Saws, and too many more to name. You will just have to browse the inventory to see. From industrial grade saws that cost $20,000 down to end-user hobby saws. HGR also carries blades for saws, but are limited to supply. Being a surplus dealer, sometimes you can’t tell what will be coming in stock until it arrives. 




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