Used Chemical Processing Equipment Meets Needs and Costs


If you work for any type of industry, then you most likely know what different chemical processing equipment is. There are hundreds of different types of these machines, and they are essential for everyday business. Most chemical processing equipment is typically used by industrial manufacturers and can help your business sell products quicker and more efficiently. In this blog, we look at some used chemical processing equipment that HGR Industrial Surplus sells, and about the equipment as well.

One popular chemical processing piece of equipment that will be highlighted is called the Henry Filters Filter Conveyor. Henry Filters was founded right here in Bowling Green, Ohio. This business is widely used around the world and was just recently bought by Barnes International. Since the business had been bought, they do not make this exact model anymore. So, if you are looking for a filter conveyor, you should definitely snag this one while it lasts. These machines are the best in the business and are highly trusted among people from all over. If you are interested in snagging this machine, click right here

A widely used piece of equipment that HGR sells is the Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washers. These pressure washers are the best out there, literally. Hotsy is the #1 brand for industrial power washers. When you look far down the road, you will realize that you will need a pressure washer many times in your life. Whether it be for your own personal use, or for a bigger use, it will definitely be useful to you. Hot water pressure washers are very important if you need to wash surfaces that contain any type of oil, grease, or grime. When washing with cold water, it does not cause hard liquids like oil to wash away. When choosing one of Hotsy’s hot water pressure washers, you have many different options to choose from. You can choose a washer that is fueled with either fuel oil, natural gas, or propane. Lucky for you, HGR sells these hot water pressure washers, located right here.

Another popular piece of equipment that HGR offers to customers is called the HydroFlo Incline Plate Clarifiers. These machines may sound confusing, but they are a very useful product. They are used to remove settleable suspended solids from wastewater or process streams. When you own one of these machines, it allows downstream filters to perform how they are designed to perform. The awesome thing about the Incline Plate Clarifiers is that you can alter the space plate. They also offer the largest line of clarifiers available. If you are interested in one of these products, HGR offers some here

After looking at three of HGR Industrial Surplus’s chemical processing machines that they offer, you may be interested in more. Lucky for you, HGR owns and sells hundreds of these types of machines. Whether you have a high or low-price budget or want a used product, HGR offers all of these to you – just a couple of clicks away. Whether you have your eye out for a Mixing Blade or a new Water Tank, HGR has a major selection for you.




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