What is a Boring Machine?

what is a boring machineContrary to their name, boring machines have a significant impact on precision in manufacturing. 

Drilling is one of many common applications in manufacturing. 

Holes are drilled into wood, steel, aluminum, and other materials using boring machines. These machines have been around for over two hundred years, helping manufacturers create clean holes with accurate diameters. 

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All about boring machines 

What is boring in manufacturing? 

In manufacturing, boring is when a single point cutting tool or boring head using several tools creates a larger hole. 

In order to use a boring machine, a hole must already be drilled or cast into the material, in which the boring machine will hold and drill a larger hole. 

Boring is useful in manufacturing because it offers precision, achieving greater accuracy of the hole diameter. 

History and types of boring machinery

Boring has been around since 1775 when industrialist John “Iron-Mad” Wilkinson built the first boring machine to create precise holes in cannon barrels and piston cylinders. 

There are several types of boring processes: 

  • Lineboring: if the initial hole is a through hole, then the boring bar can be supported on both ends. 
  • Backboring: the boring bar will reach through the initial hole and bore on the back side of the workpiece. 
  • Single end boring: the boring bar will support the material through one end, which can be used for both a through hole and a blind hole.  

In addition to the distinctions above, there are also different types of boring machines: 

  • Horizontal boring machines 
  • Floor boring machines 
  • Diamond boring machines 
  • Coordinate boring machines 
  • Vertical turret boring and milling machines 
  • Deep hole boring machines 

Boring is different from turning, in which material is supported on a rod and cut externally. In fact, boring is considered more challenging because the workpiece surrounds the tool and the difficulty of inspecting the surface of the cut. 

Boring machines in small shops typically have one spindle. Multiple spindles in one specialized machine are more common in production plants. 

Benefits of a boring machine 

used ritter boring machine hgr

Having a boring machine in your shop is key to getting accurate diameters when drilling holes in products and materials. 

Industries such as aerospace and automotive rely heavily on hole accuracy and position accuracy for optimal part assembly, which makes boring machines a necessity. 

Additionally, boring heads are replaceable, allowing manufacturers flexibility in boring machining processes.  

Where to buy a boring machine 

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