Why Should You Decommission Your Facility?

Why Should You Decommission Your Facility?Save in more ways than one when you decommission with HGR Industrial Surplus. 

The journey to growth is unique for every company. Sometimes, in order to build upwards, you have to remove what’s no longer necessary. 

Decommissioning helps manufacturers and other facility owners achieve their goals by creating warehouse space and saving money. 

Learn more about the benefits of decommissioning and how to start your industrial tear out below! 

Decommission your factory with HGR 

When you should decommission 

There are a few reasons why a company may be looking to remove equipment and scrap from their facility. 

They want to reuse the facility 

After a project is complete or a company has fulfilled its work, there is potential to reuse a facility after the tear out process is complete. The company originally in the facility may have a new project to work on.  

Alternatively, a company may hand off the facility for a new project by a different company.  

They are relocating to a different facility 

Growth is the goal for every company, and after a certain amount of growth is achieved, it may be necessary to relocate in order to expand manufacturing and industrial processes.  

A company may also choose to move to a more profitable area for production. For example, a company that builds mountain bikes may choose to move closer to outlets that service mountain bikers. Or an automotive parts manufacturer may move into a bigger facility in an area with lower cost of living. This reduces costs such as labor, utilities, and shipping. 

The facility is being demolished 

The owner of the facility may be selling the site and need to demolish the building. The site can be used for a different purpose, such as for a residential area like a shopping mall. Tearing out equipment with an experienced decommissioning company makes the demolition quick and easy. 

Benefits of decommissioning 

industrial warehouse decommissioningNow that we know when you should decommission, let’s find out the why. 

Decommissioning your warehouse will offer the following benefits: 

  • More warehouse space: Tearing out unused equipment and materials from your warehouse opens new space that can be used to improve production capacity. 
  • Safer workspace: A crowded warehouse can be a safety concern. Not only does the surplus accumulate dust, but they also pose tripping hazards for warehouse personnel. Removing the equipment will provide an OSHA-compliant workspace for your employees. 
  • Recoup your investment on used industrial equipment: Not only can you remove equipment from your facility, but you’ll be paid for it, too. Get a return on the value of your surplus rather than letting it sit around. 
  • Cost savings: Using valuable warehouse space and preventing accidents in the workplace both have significant cost savings. Just by decommissioning your facility, you can improve the company’s bottom line. 

As you can see, letting equipment sit around is not only wasteful, but expensive. Free up your warehouse space and get paid by decommissioning with HGR. 

How to get started 

Interested in learning how to cash in on these tear out perks? 

Contact HGR here and select the Decommissioning Services option, or give us a call at (216) 238-5897. Plus, check out our video on our website or watch below for more information. 

Read our press release 

Check out HGR’s press release on PR Newswire to get the full details of our Decommissioning Services launch by clicking the button below. 

decommissioning press release

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