Woodworking Industry Makes Its Own Space

The woodworking industry consists of processing timber using mechanical and chemical-mechanical treatment. This includes raw materials from wood and various types of wood. One of the main products from this industry is the production of furniture. The woodworking industry has found a way to battle the pandemic by optimizing space in your home closets. There is a resurrection of Closet Con, where design meets manufacturing. Here is more about Closet Con.

The Birth of Closet Con

At the Texas Woodworking Show, in 2005,  the first Closet Con was born. The idea had success, so later that year they decided to have the conference in Santa’a Clara, California. The success continued until the recession of 2007 hit. It was at this time they expanded to include cabinets for the show. This was to help bolster the woodworking industry as a whole. The recession and the effects of it started to distance themselves in the rear view mirror.  The industry rebounded stronger than ever.

Over a decade later, Closet Con and the woodworking industry are facing a different adversity with COVID looming over everything. The convention is monitoring CDC guidelines and keeping flexibility in mind.  The show is scheduled to take place in Palm Beach, Florida in June of 2021. Closets have also expanded and taken their talents outside of the bedroom and have embraced providing solutions for every room of the house. Given that we are spending more time in our houses than ever before, optimizing your space with organizational shelving is important for your own sanity, as well as cleanliness.

HGR Can Help

Are you in the woodworking industry? Then most likely HGR has something to offer your company in our woodworking category. HGR gets in hundreds of new arrivals daily, so even if you don’t find something right away, check back in an hour r so when the products update. You can also use our new arrivals option to help navigate through the tens of thousand of used machines that are in stock.


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