Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR

Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR has just been made easier with HGR Industrial Surplus rolling out the new Auctions page. It is here that you will find out how you can start bidding on upcoming machinery auctions at HGR and what different auctions are currently available. HGR does not auction the equipment themselves. It is through a partnership with auctioneers like CIA, Bidspotter, and the Brandford Group that HGR gains access to these opportunities to get high quality used machinery for less than buying new. Most auction shave recently been online only, but the equipment is still viewable in person through inspection dates.

Inspection Dates
Most of the auction have shifted their focus to the digital world, but with used machinery, bidding online alone isn’t enough. For the prices of some of the machinery, you have to see it in person before you can make a sound bid on the item. Typically the day before bidding opens, there will be an inspection day. This is an open opportunity for you to come to the area where the machines are being used or stored and go over the machines head to toe. SOme of the machines are still in their working location and powered up. By coming in and seeing the machine work under load, you can bid more confidently on the machine.

Bidding Online
Bidding online is easy and is handled by the auctioneers that HGR has partnered with. They all have a very similar set up. You will have to create a profile for any of the online auction houses in order to place your bid. This is a pretty standard set up as with most sites today. Enter the info into the given fields and there you go. You are on your way to bidding for used machinery from your desktop or even your couch.

Every auction has their own set of guidelines to follow so make sure you read through the info to see what is valuable to you. The buyer’s fees and other things vary from site to site and even auction to auction. Make sure you are always looking at the details of the auction so there are no surprises later. Some of the auctions are one day for bidding, but others could be open for up to a week collecting bids. The last thing you want to do is miss out on an item, so visit each auctions page for their specific guidelines.


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