HGR’s enhanced website goes live

HGR Industrial Surplus New Website Launch

We are pleased to announce that after several months of planning and development, we launched our enhanced website this weekend.

This redesign comes on the heels of our last update one year ago. We received feedback via a customer survey and decided to make additional enhancements to the user experience.

Here are some of the new features that you will see:

  • A more accurate search function
  • Less white space and more products per page
  • The ability to click a product and expand it through quicklook without leaving the page
  • Color-coded items (new arrival, markdown, last chance) for easy identification
  • The ability to toggle between list view and a grid or tile view
  • Enhanced print templating for ease of printing items of interest
  • Enhanced sales inquiry form
  • Blog incorporated into the website
  • Display of “Trust” logos that show our affiliations with important organizations
  • Favorites function that allows customers to quickly assemble a list of items, then add any or all of those items to their shopping cart
  • Enhanced product images: This is being phased-in, but our inventory clerks will begin loading images at higher resolution. It will take several months for lower-resolution images to work their way through inventory, but down the road all of the images should be about twice the size that they were on the prior version of the website.
  • A zoom image feature to take a closer look at photo details

As always, we welcome your feedback and hope these changes enhance your shopping experience.


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