Interactive Touch Screen Displays at HGR

As technology grows and increases, the need for new and advanced technology increases as well. If you own any type of business, you are always on the lookout for the newest products. A product hot on the market right now are touch panels. An Australian company called Commbox has many different styles of these panels that are perfect for all different needs. These touch screens not only help a select few businesses but can be of advantage to anyone. This product with the newest technology is ensured to be of use to you.  

As stated above, Commbox is an Australian company born in 1976. Not only do they manufacture their machines in Australia now, but they also are located in South Korea. Commbox is such a trusted company because productivity is their main goal. The company strives to find new ways to adapt to their surroundings to ensure the greatest products for their customers. Commbox has a huge partner base to ensure that they are getting ideas and thoughts from everywhere. You will find products from Commbox in many different spaces and environments. Their products are made to be extremely interactive with the user, offering the newest technology available. 

The main product focus in this blog is the 60-inch touch screen panel, as well as the 75-inch touch screen panel. These products have been specially designed to be used by multiple people at a time. For example – in classrooms, and in meetings. When students have the ability to use a touch screen tool in the classroom, it opens so many learning possibilities. There are so many possibilities. Whether you are in a meeting for your fashion brand, or figuring out a new dish for your restaurant, every single business will have a need for this panel. The best feature of the Commbox Interactive Panel is the classic hardware. It is built with the CommBox Classic – which ensures durability and the best touchscreen available on the market. It has also been made extremely easy to use due to the ability to connect your device or laptop wirelessly. There are many key features including the ability to screen share, and CDM – which is remote screen monitoring and control. If you are in a large building or a classroom, there are also Emergency lockdown templates to use. The best part about the 60 and 75-inch touch screen panels is that they are widely used. In schools, retail, restaurants, and the list goes on. If you own or purchase a Commbox, they also update automatically, which makes everything much easier. If you are having any issues with your touch screen panel, Commbox has an excellent support team that can help you with any issues you are having. Whether they can help over the phone, or an onsite visit, your needs will be met. 

The most popular part about the Interactive touch screen panels is the whiteboard. When having access to a large board that has many amazing features, it opens the space for ideas and higher amounts of creativity. When using a digital whiteboard, it gives the users the ability to brainstorm and save it digitally. When in a large meeting or a classroom, it can be hard to remember or recall information. But when you are using the Commbox Interactive touch panels, it gives you the ability to save anything you have written or drawn. The awesome thing about this product is that there are many different tools available. Not only can you write out your ideas, but you can also be creative with it. The Interactive touch panels are made to be customizable. Even though every product has been structured and well made, you are given the ability to use it however you like. Not only do these touch panels work extremely well in a classroom environment, but they also work well for digital signage and video conferencing. Due to the current situation with the global pandemic, video conferencing has never been more popular. Owning a Commbox Interactive touch panel would be extremely useful right now, and anytime in the future. Especially if you own a business, or plan on doing so. These touch panels also have the latest in LED, and anti-glare glass. The Commbox Interactive touch panels have everything you could want – the latest technology, LED, and infinite media applications. 

The two touch panel models that we recommend are the 75-inch, which is the ZL-30575L/S and the 60-inch panel, which is called the ZL-3060IL. There are many of these on the market right now, as well as good prices. HGR Industrial Surplus has many different options, including these, located in this link 

Commbox is the right company to purchase from, especially from HGR. Not only can you purchase an Interactive LED touch panel locally, but you can also purchase it affordably. 

Want to learn more about this product and how to use it? Visit  Commbox’s Training section to see if this product is for you.


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