King Precision Solutions outfits facility with surplus from HGR

Break room

(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Todd King, president of King Precision Solutions in Erie, Pennsylvania)

King Precision Solutions designs and builds injection mold plastic parts. We have a couple of product lines that we developed: the Kingpin Shallow Water Anchor and the TV Shield Protective Enclosure.

I found HGR through an older gentleman who took me in under his wing. He was buying machinery for his own shop. I saw the great deals he was getting, and I did the same.

We have been purchasing equipment from HGR for 20 years, and I would say 90 percent of the equipment in our facility is from HGR – from the tile and paint on the floor to the lighting on the ceiling, and, of course, everything in between.

Our growth has been expedited due to the robotics and other high-end equipment that we purchased at a discount of 70 percent lower than new. With this equipment in place, we gained opportunities that we would have never had a chance to procure.

The photos show a CNC machine purchased and in operation and a robot that we integrated for hydro-dipping parts. The overhead door and glass door also are from HGR. The first pic shows our break area. Everything in that pic was bought from HGR and refurbished, including the cabinets, sinks and tile.

CNC machine Hydro Dippng parts Robot Overhead door



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