Used Machinery Auctions on the Horizon

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HGR is involved in partnering with auctioneers to bring you used machinery auctions from all industries. These companies could have a wide variety of machines and surplus supplies up for auction. That is why it is valuable to look into all of the auctions HGR has listed on their HGR Auction Page. You can also find a few of the last auctions that closed most recently. This helps you gauge your future interests auctions. This could be for whether you are shopping for machinery, or looking to auction some of your assets.

In February you can see our latest auctions on the page and make sure you register early. One of those is for a Major Nutraceutical Soft-gel Manufacturer. This is a timed auction and will be online only. Online auctions are not ran by HGR so all of the details of each auction vary per auction. For this auction you will find machinery like mixers, storage tanks, mills, hoists, and more. These items are all able to be bid on once the auction opens on February 4 at 11 a.m. and begins to close on February 11 at 11 a.m.

Inspecting the items you want to bid on is important. When the majority of the recent auctions have been done online, pictures of a machine may not be enough to invest thousands in. This is why each auction will set up what is called an inspection day. Each auction handles this differently, but typically there is an inspection day, one day before the auction. This does change from auction to auction. And some may be by appointment only, so please check each car by case.


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