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Almost everyone on the planet is fascinated by robots. They are so fascinating because of the unknown. What if I told you that you could buy an affordable robot for your business? Technology has been advancing at crazy speeds, so it is extremely smart for machinery businesses to have top-of-the-line products to meet their customers needs. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about Pick and Place Robots – they could help your business tremendously.

A Pick and Place Robot is exactly what it sounds like. It picks up parts or items and places them in the desired location. Industrial robots have been an important part of everyday life but Pick and Place Robots are one of the first. In 1930, Bill Taylor was the first to build this robot. He actually used the parts and components from an old toy system called the Meccano. It was a crane-like machine and was powered by a single electric motor. Taylors invention was such an important part of machinery history because it led to a huge industry boost.
The modern Pick and Place robot is just how it was in the 1930’s – it has just evolved greatly. This works by placing the machine on a stable stand, and then you can position it to however you desire. Pick and Place Robots use advanced vision technology to look for objects, grasp them, and then move the objects from one place to another. The great thing about these robots is that there are many different types of models and design options available to help with whatever project you are looking to complete. A Pick and Place robot has many uses, including helping to package up products if you own a business.

pick and place robots at HGR

If you are interested in purchasing and owning a Pick and Place Robot, there are many different models to choose from. The most common type of robot is the Robotic Arm. There are two types, called a 5-axis Robotic Arm and a 6-axis Robotic Arm. The 5-axis Arm is used for more simple projects, while the 6-axis Arm is used for more complex and bigger projects. The next type of robot is called the Cartesian, which is a lot like the 6-axis Arm. Another popular Pick and Place Robot is the Delta, which is very helpful for assembly projects. This robot has extremely advanced vision technologies to help distinguish various sizes and shapes. Two other popular robots include the Fast Pick and the Collaborative Robots. If you are interested in learning more about these different types of robots, this link has everything I have included and more

These Pick and Place Robots are pretty awesome right? They help with so many projects. Whether you work with machines or own a business where you need to ship projects in bulk, this robot is extremely helpful. Plus, you can purchase different kinds of models to help suit your needs and your budget. Whether you are looking for a huge machine or a small one, HGR can supply you with whatever you are looking for. See more here. This link above takes you right to HGR’s page with hundreds of choices to choose from. HGR has some of the most popular brands including Yamaha, Abb, and Yaskawa. There are hundreds of things you can complete with a Pick and Place Robot – so go take a look!


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