Creative Uses for Wire Decking

Everyone loves buying products brand new – they are ready to use. Though, there is something nice about building or making your own objects. Plus, it can be cheaper to make something yourself! If you are looking for something useful and fun to create, this blog is perfect to read. HGR sells a very basic material that you can make many useful products out of. This material is a Pallet Rack Wire Deck. Listed below are some awesome products you can make yourself out of wire decking. 

  1. The Wire Decking that HGR sells looks a lot like fencing material, so just as you can imagine, you are able to build a modular fence out of it. All you need to add along with the Wire Decking is posts to hold up the fence. It can be a very easy job and help a yard or property!
  2. You can easily build a compost bin out of Wire Decking, which has endless benefits for you and the environment. Not only is this project extremely easy, it helps build good habits for the Earth!
  3. If you are reading this blog post, then you may more than likely own a pickup truck to carry around materials. Having a window guard for your truck can be a very smart idea, and luckily for you, that can be made out of Wire Decking as well! As well as a window guard, you can also make stake body panels for the sides of your trucks bed. Very easy and efficient. 
  4. If you own a fire pit, then the Wire Decking is the perfect material for the grate around the pit! It is very simple to assemble, and if you have extra Wire Decking sitting around, then it is the perfect use for that. 
  5. Many people own pets, especially right now. If you have a rowdy puppy that needs to stay out of specific space, or you need to make an enclosed area outside, then the Wire Decking is absolutely perfect for that. It is the perfect pet barrier and is very easy to put together. As well as keeping animals enclosed, it can also keep pesky animals outside of trashcans. You can make a barrier to go outside of your trashcans to keep raccoons from making a big mess. 
  6. If you own a pickup truck as earlier stated, you may as well own a trailer to carry materials or transport items. A couple pieces of Wire Decking can help set up the sides of a trailer. 
  7. If you own a firepit, then you most definitely own firewood. You can use the pieces of Wire Decking to keep the firewood off the ground – if it gets wet, it is ruined. Super easy, and extremely helpful. 

As seen above, there are endless things you can create with Wire Decking. If you purchase it in bulk, then you can start multiple of these projects. HGR sells this material in bulk, and you can take a look at it right here.

You can either buy your Wire Decking in bulk, or small quantities. Now, go buy some and get to work! 


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