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Our featured product is the multi purpose drill press. If you have ever worked with wood or metal, then you know what a Drill Press is, and why it is so important for manufacturing businesses. A Drill Press is a stationary power tool that is designed to bore precise holes into metal or wood. Owning a Drill Press has so many benefits – it can help with different projects! They are very large machines, but they come in handy to any craftsman. 

Two men under the names of Arthur James Arnot and William Blanch Brain were the first to patent the Electric Drill. Although there were human-powered drills made hundred of years previous, these two men broke through and came up with the Drill Press in Melbourne, Australia around 1889. Drill Presses have improved greatly since the first invention, but they still had many of the same parts that a Press uses today. The first Drill Presses had a motor, and a handle that you could use to feed the drill into the workpiece. You could also add adjustable tables, which allowed you to use larger or smaller workpieces, and you could also drill to different depths. 

As time went by, the Drill Press became more efficient. In the 1930s the Drill Press started to make its biggest strides from a innovation standpoint. The most important characteristic of a Drill Press is the accuracy of it. The more accurate the Drill Press is, the better it is going to work for its owner. That is the most important thing to look for when purchasing a Drill Press. After the presses began improving, big companies like Delta and JD Wallace started to enter the industry and produce very high-quality Drill Presses. 

Drill press at a shopModern Drill Presses have still improved greatly since 1930. The two major recent advances for these machines are the lasers, and the speed without having belt changes. There have been major improvements in technology, so they have been added to these machines. Instead of having to use a system of belts for the Drill Press, the modern improvement now consists of using a knob electronically. The power of the drill can now be preserved due to new technology. Now that modern technology uses laser beams, the Drill Press uses a laser to look down onto the work piece to indicate where the drill will go. 

After hearing about Drill Presses, you may be wondering how to get one, or where to get one. HGR Industrial has many different types of Drill Presses for sale, as well as many different brands. You can see them here. Since Drill Presses have improved so greatly through the years, they will only keep getting better. Keep an eye on the Drill Presses that HGR offer because there are so many to choose from, and they will only keep improving the machines. Stronger improvement in technology means stronger improvement in Drill Presses. 

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