Graffiti: Art or vandalism?


  The ongoing debate continues as to whether graffiti is art or vandalism, but either way, anyone who works in a manufacturing environment probably has seen the brightly colored spray paint on the walls of the buildings where you work.

Whether a form of expression, a political statement or an indicator of gang-related activity, people have been scribbling and scratching on the walls for centuries, including Stone Age cave paintings and Egyptian temple hieroglyphics.

We at HGR wanted to share some of the graffiti on the walls in its showroom at Nickel Plate Station where there used to be a paintball tenant. The owners were artists. They and their friends covered the walls in the offices and basement paintball arena with graffiti.

HGR currently is renovating this area and plans to preserve most or all of the original graffiti as part of the building’s history.

Show us your graffiti! What adorns the walls of your facility? What are your thoughts about graffiti as art or vandalism?

Graffiti 1 Graffiti 2 Graffiti 3 Graffiti 4 Graffiti 5 Graffiti 6 The tunnel

Graffiti at HGR Industrial Surplus

Graffiti in HGR Industrial Surplus

Graffiti in HGR Industrial Surplus


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