How to Take Advantage of Online Sales at HGR

cincinnati lathe for sale at HGR Industrial SurplusDue to the current crisis HGR has shifted their sales online for the unseeable future.  This applies to the regular sales, but some flash sales may still be in-store, as well as online. What does this mean you as a consumer and how can you use this to your advantage when it comes to sale day? There have also been a few questions on what the inventory date means and how to use the filter to find the items. This article is aimed at you, the user, and how you can take full advantage of your number one resource for used machinery and surplus supplies. 

Buying online at HGR is super easy, but doesn’t involve making the purchase online. HGR takes payment over the phone with a live person to help you. This makes sure your identity and info is safe and not held for any future use. On every item that HGR has, there is a contact button for reaching out to a sales person. You can use this to message your sales rep. If you need immediate assistance, there are two options for you to reach someone at HGR. You can always call in and ask for your sales rep or speak to the next available one. The other option is using the live chat feature. HGR has these messages monitored during normal business hours. Someone will answer you and be able to either answer a question about our site, or direct you to a sales rep to process an order. As always, sales at HGR are first come, first served, so make sure you get your orders in early to make sure you get the items you want. 

HGR often applies date ranges to certain categories as well as price limits. For all of the sales, there will be a landing page with links to the items that are on sale. This hopefully helps you identify what items are discounted, but if you do not have those links available, you can use the date bar option on the left hand side of the screen. You can enter in an arrival date to make sure it matches what the sales restrictions are. There are also filters to see price range and a little known feature called manufacturer search. This can really help given that HGR can have up to 20 thousands items in stock at any given moment. You can find HGR sales on the home page. There will be a button above the filters that links to sales and special offers. 


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