Looking to the New Year at HGR

HGR has undergone some changes in 2020 and as the year comes to a close, we wanted to look back at some of them. Internally and externally there was aim at improving our processes and the facility itself. The building has been around for quite some time and if you are interested in the history of it, you can read more about it here. The front entrance has been remodeled with a better customer experience in mind. Under the hood, HGR is refining some processes with improving the overall flow of how you do business there. While you may not notice these changes, they will be the way of the future.

HGR looked to address a few requests form truck drivers and customers when redoing the front entrance. During some of the busier days the loading times may vary. In the summer most drivers and customers will wait outdoors for their items to be loaded. There wasn’t a defined safe area for them to stand, and now HGR has addressed that by adding a waiting area outdoors behind a retaining wall. If you need a break from the sun, a shaded area has been added to help. To add to the aesthetics, landscaping was put in around the break area.


The website is the number one pipeline for the customers to see the latest incoming products at HGR. When there are hundreds of new arrivals daily, it pays for the site to be fast and informative. Some of the restructuring under the hood should lead to an improved site performance. With over 18 thousand items, and pages for each item, there can be some higher than desired loading times. This is what HGR looks to address in 2021. There may also be some changes to look of the site, but the overall functions will remain the same. There is a mission to make the shopping experience online as easy and as fast as possible. Due to the nature of HGR’s business, purchases will still be made in the traditional manner of phone call or mail in check. There is no flat rate to charge for shipping and factor that into payment, without setting up a quote. The variety of items and the differences between each receiving party make estimates without human interaction impossible. This also leads to the best possible rate due to having all available information. While it may take an extra minute or two, it could save you thousands in the end.

HGR is excited about the future and hopes to improve on what we believe is a good customer experience. 2020 is in the rear view and next year you can look forward to bigger and better sales and the addition of more auctions. HGR Auctions will be your home for all upcoming auctions.

If you are a railroad buff and want to know more about our connection to the Nickel Plate Rail Road, you can find out all of the info you need from their historical society here. HGR Industrial Surplus buys and sells everything you will need for industrial and manufacturing needs.


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