Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma

Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma. Whether you enjoy buying big or small, it is always smart to invest your money into businesses that offer exceptional customer service. Not only does it help your company, but it also helps support the business that you are purchasing from in many ways. If you are looking for a machine company that has been working hard for customers for many centuries, then you may want to look into Okuma. read more about machinery manufacturer in this month’s highlight of Okuma.

Okuma started out as a small noodle making company in Japan. The founder, Eiichi Okuma, was trying to make Udon more effectively. Udon is a type of thick noodle used in Japanese cuisine. While figuring out his machine, he decided to use a Lathe to make “sticks”, which helped cut the noodles. After he discovered how to make this, that was the beginning of his very successful and long journey of founding Okuma.

Taking a quick glance at Okuma’s website will show you that they sell and supply machine tools and technologies. A machine that they most definitely specialize in is called the Lathe – it is a machine that can shape wood and metal. Okuma makes a very broad length of Lathes that can help any small or large business with their needs. Their Lathes offer a variety of bed lengths, bore sizes, and optional features. Okuma gives the option of customizing their products to suit their customers’ needs. The Lathes that their company makes has a thermo-friendly design, which gives the machine the ability to tolerate hard and tough conditions.


Along with supplying Lathes to customers, Okuma also supplies Grinders. Usually when you need to grind something, the plan is to just make the object into very small particles. At Okuma, their Grinders are used for extreme precision. They have many Grinders to choose from, so any of their needs can be met with. Not only do small businesses use these Grinders, but many important industries do as well. Many industries including construction, aerospace, and automotive rely on Grinders to keep their products and company running. Okuma provides these services to the industries while also providing exceptional customer service.

Another extremely important machine that Okuma supplies is a Vertical Machining Center with a CNC. A VMC is often used for cutting metal. A VMC has a vertical cutting head, with a computer numerical control controller. VMC’s are perfect for businesses that are progressive and growing quickly. These machines are extremely adaptable and can grow with your company. However, since there are so many bells and whistles to the VMC’s, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your company. Okuma is able to help you find the right VMC for your business right on their website. Since VMC’s are being used in great capacities, there is definitely the right one for your business.

After reading about these machines from Okuma, you are probably eager to buy one for yourself. Since Okuma is based in Japan, you may want to find somewhere closer that has these machines in stock, ready for you at any time. If you visit our manufacturer search of Okuma,  you will find that HGR has many Okuma machines for sale. Some of the machines that are on sale include Lathes, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, and many Power Supplies. If you are interested in purchasing an Okuma machine for your business, there are many options for you in the link above.


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